Steven Denholtz DMD


















                     MDI  Implants - "a Small Wonder" 

          MDI              Traditional Implant








Mini Dental Implants          Traditional Implants

1 short surgery (less than 30 minutes)       Longer surgeries, 2 surgeries, (3 if sinus lift is required)

No incision and no stitches                         Incision, stitches and stitch removal appointment

No  abutment cost                                        Abutment costs are extra

1 short healing time                                     Multiple and longer healing times

Eat immediately - 2 weeks                         4 -12 months before eating on them

1/3 to 1/2 of the fee                                     Double to triple the fee












                  Example: 2 Missing teeth                                                                  2  MDIs                                                                      2 crowns on 2 MDIs.


Mini implants under denture make it much more stable.














Problems with your dentures?
   Loose dentures and sore gums?
   Unable to eat what you want?
   Tired of messy denture adhesive?
   Trouble speaking clearly?
   Fear of smiling?




Mini-Dental Implants" and denture modification take about 1 hour and you can eat right after, at 1/3 to 1/2 of "traditional" implants which can take  6 to 12 months to eat with.   

           Mini Dental Implants :            Tighten loose dentures     

                       Your denture feels secure.                                                     "It's a Small Wonder"