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     Do you "live" on Advil, or Tylenol? Do you have some degree of head or face  pain every day of your life? Do you feel a tight  "hair band" or "vise" around your head?    Do you experience pain mostly on one side, with light, sound sensitivity or nausea? 

     Do you avoid activities due to headache or facial pain? Have you seen multiple doctors? Are you frustrated with the results?

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Dr Denholtz is a caring headache expert who can help with both tension and migraine headaches.


Typical: Tension headaches reduced 50% in a week, 90% in a month                               Many dental insurance plans cover 80% of cost
In an FDA study of NTI's effect on migraine headaches, there were no side-effects. 82% of NTI users had a 77% average reduction in migraine headaches;  Imitrex use was reduced by almost 50%, nausea  reduced by 78%, light-sensitivity reduced by 66%, sound-sensitivity reduced by 68%.

Why suffer anymore?

NTI  mouth guards reflexively decrease clenching by 67% -  without drugs or surgery.

 Muscles relax. Headache, facial pain and tooth sensitivity and damage are prevented.  Dental costs decrease.

The NTI differs from  mouth guards which cover teeth, because studies have shown they increase  nighttime clenching.

 The NTI is approved by the F.D.A. for preventing tension, migraine headaches and TMJ (jaw joint ) disorders. 


Dr. Denholtz has been a general dentist since 1977,with a special interest in relieving  headache and facial pain.



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