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     While-U-Wait Denture repairs/relines (in most cases.)

NJ Law prohibits dental labs from working for the public. Many dentists do not have an on-site repair lab and

simply "send it out" to one, costing you precious time and making you do without your teeth. Dr. Denholtz is proud

 to host an on-site repair lab and personally supervises every repair. Most repairs take 30 minutes.


A complimentary denture consultation is included with every repair. Call (973) 252 1600.      




call 24/7:

(973) 252-1600

A new denture can be the easiest way to better chewing and appearance. 

But sometimes a While-U-Wait repair is all that is needed. Broken dentures can easily be repaired, saving time and money.

While-U-Wait relines tighten loose dentures and make them feel new, at 1/4 cost than a new denture.

While-U-Wait tooth replacement is a routine task, usually finished in about 30 minutes. While-U-Wait relines tighten loose dentures.


Dr. Denholtz also offers Mini Dental Implants, personalized and beautiful custom new dentures, emergency-spare dentures,

 (at 1/4 the cost of a new denture), re-base (a new denture using your old dentures

 teeth), at 1/3 the cost of a new denture. Same-Day denture as extractions with free consultation.


Whatever your denture needs are, Dr. Denholtz listens to his patients and personalizes treatment

 according to your size, coloring, age, individual characteristics and desires.


                 Full dentures, implants, partial dentures, relines, rebase, duplicate dentures

                    Call with your questions/concerns 24/7: (973) 252-1600





 broken denture .................30 minutes later               Scroll ...



chipped denture teeth......repaired while you wait     























 old dentures ...................... new dentures                         Scroll ...





To speak to Dr. Denholtz's friendly and informed staff, please call  (973) 252-1600











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Fearful Adults Headache& TMJ Relief Advanced Dentistry Meet Us Ask Dr. Denholtz / Schedule  
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