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                                                Advanced Dentistry

Pain-free dentistry in NJ

Newest technology,

Safest Sedation

38 years experience




                           Advanced Dentistry










Computers organize treatment

                                                                                      Veneers, thin as contacts

Dental Emergency ?

Fixed same day.

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From a simple checkup to advanced procedures, Dr. Denholtz helms a reliable and "hi-tech" dental office. Computers in every room let you see past and future renditions of your mouth, organize your treatment while you  relax.

   The CaT Scan can "see around corners"  in

 3-D, making your treatment more accurate. Implants are placed "virtually", in the CaT Scan software and computer-made guides ensure your implant placement is an exact replica of the "virtual" surgery... with ease.


 Newest technology in the hands of experience is what you can expect with

 Dr. Denholtz.

   Dr. Denholtz listens to his patients. He will personalize your  treatment. Some achieve their dental  goals over years for economy. Others may want  the least number of visits. Dr. Denholtz performs nearly all phases of dentistry, but uses experienced specialists in special cases. 
Dr. Denholtz's 38 years of experience is a resource for each patient he treats, and every patient is treated as a unique individual.




Teeth veneers as thin as a contact lens

 Smiles made beautiful by Dr. Steven Denholtz

Mini Dental Implants



Check Your






Old  filling    vs. "White" filling










          Steven Denholtz DMD


Dr. Denholtz places "Mini-Dental Implants."  They take about 90 minutes to place and eat with and cost about  1/3 to 1/2 of "conventional" implants which usually require  6 to 12 months to eat with. 






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